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14-Year-Old ‘Genius’ Gets Full-Time Job at Elon Musk’s Company


Kairan Quazi, a 14-year-old graduate, has landed a full-time job at SpaceX, Elon Musk’s spacecraft company.
Quazi is a software engineer from Bangladesh. He studied computer science and engineering at Santa Clara University in California.

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He will join SpaceX’s engineering team next month, where he will provide satellite internet technology to rural areas.

According to the Daily Mail, Quazi is a “profoundly gifted” youngster with a near-superhuman level of intelligence.

He was said to be able to speak full sentences at the age of two and solve complex math equations at the age of six.

According to the young genius, his school years were difficult because his peers couldn’t keep up.

“It was physically painful for me to sit through classrooms trapped, existentially bored, for hours and months — and eventually years — on end, not learning at the level that I physically, intellectually, and emotionally needed,” he explained.

“For those of you who are concerned that my childhood is being destroyed, I’m really here to tell you that it isn’t.”

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