Until We Find A Man Who Will Marry Us Both” – Twins


Shiru and Shiku, twin sisters, have left the internet in a tizzy after making their marital plans and terms public.

They maintain that they are willing to marry just like any other woman, but that they have their own set of requirements.

Shiru and Shiku, both 45 years old, believe that because they are identical, nothing can separate them. 

Shiru and Shiku are children of miracles. They claim that one day they wrote a song with similar lyrics, despite the fact that they were both away from each other at the time.

The two ladies are currently ready to start dating and marrying each other, but they are only looking for one man who would marry both of them since they do not want to be separated.

Is it even possible, do you believe there’s a man out there who’d be willing to take them both in as wives?

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