Twitter Ban: Don’t Vote Any Politician Above 65 In 2023” – Singer, Banky W


The Federal government’s move to restrict Twitter operations in Nigeria has been branded “clueless” by Nigerian artist Olubankole Wellington, also known as Banky W.

In a series of tweets, Banky argued that while the government cannot stop abduction and other vices afflicting the country, it can come out and ban Twitter.

He also urged Nigerians to vote out any lawmaker over the age of 65 in the 2023 polls, citing Nigeria’s 65-year-old retirement age.

“The Nigerian government has banned Twitter and has announced the ban. This isn’t anything you’d make up. “I’m clueless.” They can’t stop kidnappings, armed robberies, or terrorism, and the country is as dangerous as it’s ever been, but they can seize passports and freeze bank accounts of nonviolent protesters. They have banned cryptocurrencies. They have a Twitter prohibition. Completely disconnected from the plight of youths.

“In Nigeria, the retirement age is 65. We will not vote for you if you are above 65 at the time of elections, regardless of which party you belong to. It will, at the very least, erase an entire set of people who have had plenty of chances to remedy this situation.

“Should we think of doing #NowToOldToRule? You’ve had your chance to help repair this situation if you’re above 65. Isn’t it past time for that generation to retire? The Nigerian government should not serve as a retirement home for its citizens. It’s something to consider. It’s worth a shot,” says the author.

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