Todd Stoiber Obituary, Residence of Milwaukee Wisconsin is Dead

Our beloved Todd Christopher Stoiber died away on November 10, 2023. We break this news to the rest of the family with heavy hearts. Todd was born on January 15, 1965, and he had a successful life, loving and being devoted to the things and people that mattered to him. Todd was well-known for his cheerful outlook on life, lively demeanor, and active way of living. He was a man of exceptional moral quality.

He laughed infectiously, had a knack of making a room appear lighter than it was, and could lift anyone’s spirits with his positive energy. He imparted a crucial piece of wisdom to everyone he interacted with: never underestimate the impact of simply being there. His presence was more than just where he was; he gave every conversation his full attention, both emotionally and cognitively.

He thus demonstrated to us the value of being totally present in the moment. One of Todd’s greatest life satisfactions has been becoming a parent to his three amazing children. His love for them was boundless and unconditional. His legacy will be one of presence since he made it his mission to always be fully there for the people who meant the most to him. The knowledge and love that he imparted to those who were left behind will never fade. Hi Michelle,

Together with their three children, Bryanna, Emma, and Matthew, as well as their mother Patricia and brother Kurt, Todd also leaves behind his ex-wife. His father Raymond and older brother Mark both died before him. In addition, a sizable portion of his acquaintances and relatives still live on. His memory is deeply held by his family and all those who had the honor of knowing him. Even though his departure has left an emptiness in the world that will never be filled, his influence will never fade.

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