European Union Donates N192 million to Yobe’s fight against cholera


European Union

The European Union (EU) has provided €400,000 (about N192 million) to Yobe State to fight cholera.

“In response to the cholera outbreak in Nigeria, the EU is supporting medical humanitarian NGO ALIMA’s (The Alliance for International Medical Action) ongoing efforts to lower death rates in Yobe state with N192 million (€400 000),” the EU said in a statement yesterday.

“As of September 26, 2021, about 88 563 suspected cases of cholera and 3,057 suspected deaths had been documented in Nigeria,” the statement continued. Suspected cholera cases have been reported in 78 percent of the country’s states. Children aged 5 to 14 are the most affected, with Yobe in the North-East state of Nigeria having one of the highest rates.”

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“The EU’s support will allow our partner, ALIMA, to strengthen case management, reduce fatality rates, as well as support referrals from communities or ensure access to safe water and sanitation in health facilities,” said Bart Witteveen, the Head of the EU’s Humanitarian Aid Office in Nigeria, according to the statement.

The EU expressed its regret that the current outbreak has expanded across the Niger border, posing a new challenge for the health system, which is already under pressure due to the current malaria season, with the rain storms increasing the danger of flooding and malnutrition cases.

“This support from the European Union is vital because it will help save more lives,” said ALIMA’s Medical Coordinator in Nigeria, Dr. Anthelme Seka, according to the statement. ALIMA has already commenced its efforts on the ground to respond to the ongoing outbreak, with the only goal of providing quality emergency medical care to the most afflicted local communities, thanks to this funding.”

Meanwhile, the EU has expressed concern that access to vulnerable communities for cholera vaccination is becoming increasingly difficult as a result of insecurity causing population movements in the country’s northern regions, asserting that the situation is aggravated by the overlap with the Ebola outbreak.


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