Peggy Wharry Obituary: What Happened to Peggy Wharry, Cause of Death?

The officers and members of your lodge are grieving over the news of Mrs. Peggy Wharry’s passing. The community mourns the passing of a loved one who was related to renowned members Brother Dale Stammers and Brother Paul Stammers. The loss is felt deeply. In addition to her ties to her family, Peggy Wharry was also connected to the Lodge by virtue of the legacy her late husband, Brother Tommy Wharry, left behind. His devoted work as Deputy Master and Treasurer added a great deal to the Lodge’s heritage and sense of camaraderie.

With Peggy’s demise, the Lodge community has lost a dear family member, but it also has lost a person who was deeply ingrained in its collective memory. A community’s resilience is put to the test at times of loss, and the officers and lodge members send their condolences and prayers to the entire family circle. Everyone feels united by their common grief, which promotes a feeling of support and camaraderie.

Peggy Wharry’s dedication to the Lodge and her own family ties have left an enduring legacy that is deeply ingrained in the Lodge’s history. The community will find consolation in remembering Peggy’s accomplishments and in the warmth of shared memories as they work through this difficult period. Recognizing that the relationships created within the community extend beyond the Lodge’s boundaries, the Lodge is unified in its support of the bereaved family. It is hoped that by sending condolences, the strength of the group’s prayers and the warmth of shared memories may bring some consolation during this trying time of loss.

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