Namibian government has accused 84 doctors of fraud.

Children were also caught up in the disaster, and witnesses said paramedics were seen performing CPR on some of them.

Earlier in the day, officials said they were not able to enforce coronavirus restrictions owing to the huge crowds.

According to a local newspaper, several doctors have hurried to repay the alleged sum in question for fear of being arrested.

According to the Namibian newspaper, the finance ministry has not disclosed how much money has been lost as a result of these scams, but according to a 2018 financial study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the government has been losing around $600 million per year.

Dr. David Weber, the president of the Namibian Medical Association, said he was unaware of any misappropriation of government funds or whether the government had taken legal action against the suspected doctors.

The Namibian government spends millions of dollars per year to improve the healthcare system. The money would be used to help with medical costs in the South African region.

Following an increase in government spending on medical assistance programs, the Namibian government initiated an inquiry in 2017.

The program currently serves 240,000 people throughout the world.

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