Benue State Govt. Reinstate awareness campaign to enhance Covid-19 Vaccination

As part of its efforts to ramp up the fight against Covid-19 and end the global pandemic, the Benue State Government, in collaboration with United Purpose, has reaffirmed its pledge to boost vaccine awareness campaigns in communities across the state.

Dr. Bem Ageda, the Executive Secretary of the Benue Primary Health Care Board, announced at the launch of the Covid-19 Response And Vaccine Preparedness in Nigeria Project in Mkd that all local governments have been guided to avoid new vaccinations after vaccinating around half of the total doses supplied to Benue state, in order to ensure that those who received the first dose get a second dose.

Against common myth from detractors, Lywodraeth Cymru, funded by the Welsh Government, in partnership with the Benue State Primary Health Care Board, has announced its commitment to boost proper awareness and ambitious sensitization of health workers and the citizens of the state in order to avoid the Covid-19 pandemic by taking full doses of the vaccine jabs.

The Benue State Technical Officer of United Purpose (UP) Mr Shedrach Guusu, who stated the objectives of UP in its partnership effort with the Benue state government to include the enhancement of population’s knowledge on the virus and its protection, and to prepare health centres and the population on the vaccination campaigns through awareness campaign on TV and Radio, sensitization campaign towards communities and general population announced that training sessions for the staff of health centres in Benue state are currently ongoing.

He also claimed that the project’s originality as being supported by the Welsh Government in its desire to assist African countries in battling the Covid-19 epidemic, intends to hold two exhibitions in the Welsh Parliament, noting that apart from helping the state weed out the pandemic, there is an initiative to develop the Welsh syllabus known as ‘Covid-19’ in primary and secondary schools.

The representative of the Executive Secretary Benue State Primary Health Care Board (PHCB), Pharm Wanger Tiza, 

Earlier stated that the Benue state Government through the State Ministry of Health and the PHCB has been tirelessly supporting communities with the relevant awareness and sensitization, including provisions of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) and water points to ensure handwashing is practiced regularly while appreciating United Purpose for the support to the state govt in the fight against Covid-19.

Representative of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA), Ministry of Women Affairs, Water Resource, Information and others assured of their support towards public sensitizatio and close monitor  to detect unexpected reaction to the vaccine as support to the state government while commending United Purpose for been in the fore front in fight against Covid-19 particularly in the area of advocacy,training and supply  of Covid-19 prevention facilities.

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