Prices of Groundnut, Palm oil, Beans and Rice in Nigerian Markets

The current prices of food commodities in Nigeria, on the other hand, may have a significant impact on the value of the main stock and the overall demand. As an investor or a frequent customer, noting and following up on these rates will help you keep track of the market.

We’ll look at the prices of some essential commodities in Nigeria in this article. We will restrict our focus to the prices of goods that people buy on a regular basis due to the vast array of options available. Foodstuffs and other essential items are included.


Groundnut (50kg) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa State – N8,300

Groundnut (1 Tier) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa State – N300

Groundnut (100kg) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna State – N27,000

Groundnut (1 tier) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna State – N790

Groundnut (100kg) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue – N48,000

Groundnut (1 mudu) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue – N700

Groundnut (50kg) @ Mile 12, Lagos State – N29,000

Groundnut (1 paint bucket) @ Mile 12 – N1,600

Groundnut (100kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu State – N36,000

Groundnut (1 Paint Bucket) @ Ninth Mile Market – N1,800

Groundnut (100kg) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta State – N34,000.


Palm Oil (25L) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna State – N10,000

Palm Oil (1 Bottle) @ Anchau Market – N240

Palm Oil (25L) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu State – N11,500

Palm Oil (1 Bottle) @ Ninth Mile Market – N580

Palm Oil (25L) @ Gboko Market, Benue State – N8,000

Palm Oil (1 Bottle) @ Benue Market – N250

Palm Oil (25L) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos State – N13,000

Palm Oil (1 Bottle) @ Mile 12 Market – N800

Palm Oil (25L) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta State – N7,000.


Beans ‘white’ (100kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu State – N25,000

White Beans (Paint Bucket) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu State – N1,450

Drum Beans (100kg) @ Gboko Market, Benue State – N25,000

Drum Beans (1 mudu) @ Gboko Market, Benue State – N1,000

Drum Beans (100kg) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos State – N18,000

Drum Beans (Paint Bucket) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos State – N800

Drum Beans (100kg) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta State – N27,000

Drum Beans (Paint Bucket) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta State – N1,350

Drum Beans (100kg) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia State – N25,000

Drum Beans (Paint Bucket) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia State – N1,200.


Rice (50kg) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa – N20,000 (imported)

Rice (50kg) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna – N24,000 (local)

Rice (50kg) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue – N17,500 (local)

Rice (50kg) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos – N28,000 (imported)

Rice (50kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu – N28,000 (local)

Rice (50kg) @ Ughelli Main Market – N30,000 (local)

Rice (50kg) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia – N21,000 (local).

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